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SEKHEM is an unforgetable transformational experince of a lifetime. Join Patrick Zeigler in this life changing SEKHEM experince. This is not your old Sekhem. It is the SEKHEM of NOW!

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Patrick is an internationally known Cosmic Shaman who facilitates the opening of the Heart Center through SEKHEM Initiation. 

In 1984 Patrick re-introduced Sekhem to the world. Since then many have reconnected with this wonderful energy. IN the last year a huge shift in the energy has taken place. If yo have not taken a course in Sekhem recently, it is time to reconnect and experience All-Love Sekhem. Sekhem from the heart. The beautiful heart connection has been what was missing.

Patrick works directly from source (Sekhem) rather through intermediaries. Because of this direct connection he can facilitate a quantum shift instantly. In Ancient Egypt this connection and energy was called Sekhem. In Modern times Patrick calls this All-Love.
All-Love is the bridge to Source (Sekhem). Through Patrick facilitation others able to channel this Sekhem energy just by opening their heart.

The Sekhem Initiation is one of the most incredible experiences one can have in this lifetime.

Patrick incorporates the body, mind and spirit in each healing session. He has a loving healing energy which radiates from his heart, hands and voice. He has studied Holistic Healing for over 25 years. His experience includes living and studying with respected healers, shamans and gurus in Arabia, Nepal, India and Africa. Patrick is certified in Therapeutic Massage, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki Mastership, Divine Unity and Advanced Energy Healing. In 1984 Patrick introduced to the world an ancient healing energy called SEICHIM / SEKHEM. The system is currently being used by Thousands.Within each of us is the spark of creator energy that is omnipresent. Sekhem reestablishes your connection with the Source, allows you to become more aware of your life purpose and assists you in removing blocks that create the illusion of separation from the Source


Life Changing Experiences


When I arrived at The Healing Centre in London to interview Patrick Zeigler for a Documentary I have been making about Enlightenment in India I got more than I bargained for.


On arriving Patrick said he could not do the interview until late afternoon and invited me to stay to experience his Energy Course with 20 other participants. The session began with Patrick sharing his past knowledge and experiences in Egypt and everyone introducing themselves. After lunch Patrick took the group through a directed deep meditation. I was open an went along with the process. I soon found myself surrounded by a wonderful ‘electromagnetic’ energy that came in through the top of my head, coursing through my body and out the ends of my toes. I suddenly had an experience of my body connecting and flowing with the earth, then the sky and then out in to the Universe. I’m not sure if it was my mind, but suddenly I felt so light and my consciousness moved out of the room, beyond the Healing Centre and beyond the earth. It seemed I was no longer ‘matter’. I then found myself with another intelligence, something I have never experienced before. Time and Space did not exist. Matter did not exist. Only this gentle intelligence and me. We were communicating, but not speaking. It was as though everything in the Universe was being revealed at the same time and there was no separation between myself and everything else.

My body began to shake. It felt like electric energy was jolting my physical body and I could hear Patrick’s voice guiding me and encouraging the experience. A huge emotion began to build up in my body and suddenly I began sobbing, tears poured out, I was beginning to feel a supreme release from all the pain of this and past life experiences. This was followed by what I can only explain as a deep feeling of exctasy and wholeness.

To this day I cannot explain fully and clearly what happened. What I know is that I felt and touched an energy source that exists and can be tapped into. It seems that Patrick has a special gift and is able to allow others to share and experience it.

This was my experience and  since that day my view of existence has shifted. I no longer fear death.

Thankyou Patrick.     

From Brendan McDonnell



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