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SEKHEM is an unforgetable transformational experince of a lifetime. Join Patrick Zeigler in this life changing SEKHEM experince. This is not your old Sekhem. It is the SEKHEM of NOW!

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Sekhem is the Egyptian word that describes the universal energy. It translates most simply as “Power of Powers”. It is described as the power that the God , Goddesses and Pharaohs use. In ancient times Sekhem was placed before the Pharaohs name as a prefix of honor. Sekhem was also strongly associated with many of the Egyptian Deities.

Sekhmet was the most noticeable one just because her name includes it.

Osiris was called the great Sekhem, yet he is not mentioned much at all in many of the new  Sekhem healing systems; the reason for this is the heavily Feminine aspects being taught today.

After my experience in the great pyramid

I did not have a name for the energy. I had been a student of Ancient Egypt especially the Architecture, this was one reason I become an Architect. I was studying sacred geometry and pyramids at a young age. 

When I went to Heartwood College of Natural Healing to Study Hypnosis with David Quigley I met a woman named Christine Gerber, we became very dear friends and she offered to do channeling for me. It was then that the name began to surface. She did a very primitive form of channeling using a board that had letters on it. Her hand would move so fast on the board as it pointed to the letter she would speak it and her speed was so fast she could speak in normal speech. When I asked her the name she spelt out the name “S-e-t-i-m” This did not seem right to me so I meditated and a voice came to me with the pronunciation of Sei-Ch-im, I used both spellings Seichim and Seichem at that time.

I did not write this down in any form of manual. All my teachings were verbal at that time. Currently I still do not use a manual after 30 years. The reason the channeling was not correct was the CH and KH sound in Sekhem is a very hard guttural sound found in the current Hebrew and Arabic Language; that does not have an alphabetic equivalent.

The word Setim was also used in Egypt. The Setim word referred to the highest priest in Egypt.  The Setim priest wore a robe of the stars on a blue background. He would perform the rituals of death and was considered the gate keeper.

Setim also means Acacia wood. Which is a very hard wood; possibly used by Noah for the ark. It also could mean Heartwood which was the place the channeling took place.

I did not use this name as it did not feel correct for the name of the energy.

I continued to call it Seichim, this was further reinforced when I contacted Kathleen McMaster who began to teach world wide and she needed a name for the energy.

It was several years later I was given the book “The Goddess Sekhmet” by Robert Masters. The Name Sekhem was mentioned throughout the book. It was then I realized that

the Egyptian Spelling Equivalent for  Universal Energy and Power was Sekhem.

The symbol for Sekhem was a scepter. This scepter was held by many Deities of Ancient Egypt. It represents the connection of heaven and earth. Another symbol for Sekhem was a seated priest with a large arrow above his/her head. It was at this time I began to use the Sekhem spelling in conjunction with Seichim. The reason it was not popularly used is because many people were already using this common spelling. It was used in a Video game representing ancient  power and it was used by a Gothic Rock band, so for most promotional use we used the very unique Seichim spelling.

The first published account is in Marsh Burack’s book “ Reiki Healing yourself and Others” This book was published in 1995. Marsha had been teaching. She very clearly points out the Sekhem and Seichim connection.Marsha had been teaching Seichim before 1988 which was time that Kathleen McMaster was teaching Seichim and doing wide spread promotion of the system, by then she had also added several new symbols and her system and Seichim began to have a life of its own.

I gave specific instructions to Kathleen at that time not to make this a lineage based system. I had seen all the conflicts and divisions already present in the Reiki community and did not want this to happen to the Seichim and Sekhem system. Marsha had a very strong connection to all things Egypt. She was already using both spellings in her teaching. In 1988 Lyn Brunnel wrote to me explaining she had found a very strong connection to Sekhem while traveling to Egypt. She found symbols of Sekhem represented by two hands pointing upwards to the heavens; again the image of receiving from above.


It was in 1995 I received a letter from Helen Belot introducing herself. She was asking me question about some of the Symbols and history. She was very excited to have connected to the Seichim energy through a woman named Margo Deepa Slater, who had studied with Marsha, who was Kathleen’s student. Helen was very excited to finally have contact with me. She explained that she had been a Seichim Master for the last two years.

At that time there was a big disagreement with her and Deepa; Deepa told her she was not allowed to teach Seichim. Because if this disagreement Helen then went to the USA in 1991 to Study directly with Marsha, Deepa’s teacher.  When she met Marsha, Marsha then told her about Kathleen, so she went to study directly with Kathleen. In Helen’s book “The Sekhem Story”, she says her Teachers Deepa, Marsha, Kathleen and myself all told her that what she was teaching was not Seichim, that her energy was at a much higher vibration. This is not the case. Marsha only had a cup of tea with her, Helen gave no demonstration to her. Her meeting with Kathleen was similar and when I met with Helen we did an exchange and I thanked her for the session, it felt  very much like a typical Seichim session and I told her this. During our meeting I also told her that I also used both spelling Seichim and Sekhem to define the energy. I even had Marsha Burack book which defines them as a similar energy.

In Helen’s  book “the Sekhem Story” Helen states that I asked her to stop our session  because the energy was so high. This was not true. When I worked on Helen, she did ask me to stop, so I guess she got things mixed up in her mind. She asked me to stop because at that time I found an energy block in her throat and asked her to express what was there, she really wanted none of that : ).

Helen did learn from Marsha there was a deeper Egyptian connection.

Deepa her fist teacher had a strong connection to the Eastern Energies and Quan Yin and over laid what she loved over how she taught Seichim, now she discovered the deeper Egyptian connections Marsha.

When Helen returned to Australia from USA, it created even more divisions; she began to use the Sekhem spelling and since she had a direct connection to Marsha and Kathleen, she no longer need to Deepa’s approval to teach.

Helen would refer to the Seichim and Sekhem energy as from the same source in our correspondence and thanked me for introducing it.

To quote her,” I believe Seichim/Sekhem to be of the greatest benefit to healing the difficulties of humanity and the earth, and to by pass the divisions and materialism that have crept into Reiki in this country if possible.”

Wonderful words!  So I must ask why all the separation? why all the trademarks?

 It was at that time Helen invited me join the Sekhem Foundation since I was the founder of Seichim and Sekhem, in her own words; however, in her letter in 1996 to me it was clear that she was creating a split in the two systems. It was then stated that Seichim was from the East and Sekhem from Egypt. In other words her system now had amore direct connection to Egypt and the Goddess Sekhmet, where the Seichim systems had a Quan Yim connection. I really do not know where al these ideas came from, as it was years later that I had even heard about Quan Yin, much less channeling symbols from her.

In several Seichim Manuals coming out of Australia it was said that Qun Yin had given me the Seichim symbols. This was simply not true. What I found was so amazing was that all this history was written about Seichim and the only people who had made a big effort to contacted me were Kathleen McMasters and Helen Belot.

Because of all of this misinformation, what began to happen in Australia was a huge split in the Seichim and Sekhem community.

Deepa had limited who she taught and her main teachers wanted to teach so they all created their own systems.

The main ones were.

Helen created Sekhem with Sekhmet as the Main Goddess

created Isis Seichim with Isis as the main Goddess.

Deepa created New Life Seichim with an emphasis on Quan Yin


There were also many others!


Each founder of each new system made similar claims that they had discovered

a new Energy.

This is very typical with the Seichim Sekhem energy.

While these splits were happening in Australia a similar split was happening in the USA. 

Kathleen Milner had the Seichim Initiations in California while at an Expo with a woman named August Star.

It was during this time she had her vision of Sai Baba and afterwards she created the Sai Baba Reiki.  Kathleen then reorganized symbols that many of her students were receiving after getting the Initiations and she then created her system that she now calls Tera Mai Seichem. William Rand found the original Sai Baba Reiki that was created by Kathleen and eventually renamed his system Karuna Reiki.

When the “Reiki Source Book “was published it has fifty-seven braches of Reiki, this includes only a small portion of the most well known systems, of the fifty-seven seventeen have a direct connect to the original Seichim, besides Reiki Seichim is responsible for more healing systems than any other system on the planet.

The divisions and branches that were happening in the Reiki community were also happening in the Seichim community.Each founder was creating their own system making claims they had discovered a new system. In most cases the claims were they had taken the energy to a higher level.

When I first introduced Seichim my intent was just that; as the energy was passed from one person to the next the energy would increase in vibration and depth. This is exactly what has happened. What was not expected was many of the teachers would disassociate themselves from their teacher thus creating multiple fractures within the group energy.

This fracture was probably the greatest with Helen Belot Sekhem and her branches. Helen was a very successful teacher in Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK.  Once her success began to spread and Kathleen McMasters died; Helen began to claim that she was the Lineage Bearer of both Seichim and Sekhem. I wrote to her about this and she then dropped her claim about Seichim, but then she began to separate herself from the original Seichim System. Helen began to make all sorts of claims that Seichim was from the East and her Sekhem connection was from Egypt, it was odd that most all of her symbols were directly from the system Kathleen had developed, she even made the distinction that her Sekhem energy was from Orion while Seichim was from the Pleiades, now really : ).

I even did a search on Sekhem and a new web site by Robert Elliot mentions that Helen Belot had no previous connection to any other Seichim system. I really found this odd as I have Helen Belot’s earlier Sekhem Manual and she has Patrick Zeigler as the head of both her Seichim Linage and Sekhem Linage. Once she filed for the Sekhem trademark after Phoenix died, Helen asked all her students to burn their manuals.

Helen’s trademark attempt in the USA failed, but she was successful in the EU. The trademark brought even a further division within the Sekhem community. Many in her inner circle all supported her, while those who did not follow her were left out.

Robert Elliot was one of those who was left out.

So the question is, why would Robert Elliott make this statement the Helen had no connection to Seichim with the development of her system?

Robert was the only person in the European Union to challenge her on her Sekhem application.  Since then he has acquired the website. He claims he wants the truth to be known about Helen Belot Sekhem, but what is really happening here? He feels he is the only one who can legally teach Helen’s system because he is the only one who filed a protest. His claim is that Helen has been under attack on the internet. What has happened is since the Trademark and Helen officially banning the world from using the name Sekhem, there has been a huge amount of misinformation and public protest.. The first bit of misinformation is Helen’s trademark is only for EU, her attempts in the USA and Australia failed. What she did trademark is a Logo that Kathleen designed with the word SEKHEM. People can use the word Sekhem but cannot use the logo.

It was not until Helen Belot was making her Trademark attempt that things got way out of hand. The last thing that I wanted was another court battle like what took place with Kathleen Milner and William Rand

When I heard about this I could hardly believe it, yet I did.  While I was in Hawaii around 1995 and met with Kathleen McMasters for the first time she told me some of her horror stories about her experiences in Australia. She told me to never trust anyone from Australia and then handed me a letter she had received from Helen Belot commenting on my meeting with her and the Sekhem Logo. Basically Helen was claiming the Logo was hers even though it was Kathleen’s design. The letter made this all very clear. Basically Kathleen had had enough of all the fighting that was going on and made an apology to me for not straightening it all out. Actually she made it even worse and took responsibility for that, around that time Kathleen also changed her name to Phoenix Summerfield. It was a few years later that she died of bone cancer.

It was around that time I was teaching an evening class and one of my students told me there was a discussion about Sekhem and Seichim on the internet. I had not had any experience on the web groups and did not even have email at that time around 1997. It was then I sat down and wrote my experience in the Pyramid. My hope was to somehow bring the splintered Seichim Sekhem community together, but it actually did the opposite. While the majority of people were so happy to have received this missing piece of information there were a very loud few that began a very hostile approach to discredit my experience.

After several years I found old letters talking about my experience to my parents and after that the whole issue seemed to dissolve. Soon I began to teach more international classes and my intent was to somehow bring the Seichim and Sekhem community together. I called what I taught SKHM which is the way SeKHeM would have been spelt if they used our alphabet. The Egyptians did not use vowels in their spelling as they were assumed much like modern day Arabic. This new system only complicated things and eventually I settled on using the name All-Love as that is what this energy connects us with, Love. While Seichim and Sekhem were very much connected with power, All-Love brings that power to the Heart.

It is my wish that at some point there can be harmony within our Seichim and Sekhem community, after all; is that not what all this spiritual healing is all about?

What I am proposing now is a Seichim and Sekhem reunion in Egypt 12:12:2012 to 21:12:2012.

All Branches and Lineages of Seichim and Sekhem are invited.   For those that are interested in this reunion please contact me at


All Love

Patrick Zeigler






There has been so much discussion on the frequencies of Sekhem, some being higher than others. Sekhem is like a rainbow and within it there are different colors or flavors. The unique quality of Sekhem is that each person connects and receives what is best for them. In our classes we see a wide variety of very unique experiences.  This is why so many different forms of Sekhem exist. People love to have a unique gift and expression and Sekhem allows that. Keep in mind the higher vibration one connects to does not mean it is more powerful or better for them.

Some people cannot even feel the finer vibrations. The actually need a lower vibration to help them gain awareness.

A good Example is in the rainbow if you are a very strong blue vibration, What do you need to raise to the
next higher vibration? 


You actually need the densest Vibration to raise your vibration to Violet!
This is why it is so important to have a full spectrum vibration and not focus on
solely the highest vibration. Experience all of who you are and you will expand who you are in a higher vibration!

All Love






This article will be part of my Sekhem myths page.
The internet is full of information some good and some, you have to scratch your head. What happens is anyone can be an expert nowadays. This has some positive attributes and negative like most things in life. I have recently come across an article that does it best to convince people that Seichim Energy comes from Pleiadians while Sekhem Energy comes from Sirius.  It is a bit like me saying I am Native American when I have 1/64. The truth is I have a lineage that is Native American, Celtic, Germanic and Italian the list goes on.

Our healing Energy Matrix is much like this, we are universal beings as old as the stars. To focus and put a label on one aspect is not only close minded, it limits our true potential.

Through the years I have seen the Sekhem drama unfold. It would make a great movie. I always thought Jim Carey would make a great star in such a movie, because you have to have a good sense of humor. We have seen the Karuna vs Tera Mai legal issues, the Trademarks and multiple false claims over the years. Since I am organizing the first Seichim Sekhem Seichem reunion I do feel it is time that many of the myths that cerate separation be dispelled. In the process many may not be happy campers. What I have to say may not go right with some. I have avoided bring much of the material I have out just because of my sensitivity not to offend anyone; there is point though where you do need to speak up;  not speaking up is what brought about the European Trademark of SEKHEM in Europe. 

Getting back to our story!

Where did this idea of  Sekhem Sirius, Orion  and Pleiadian connection come from. As most people know. The Giza Pyramids are lined up exactly the same as that of the Orion belt and that belt points to Sirius the brightest of our Stars.

Since Sirius is the brightest star it has the most myths connected to it as well.

Here is a great link


Another spectacular heavenly body is the Pleiades. Again many ancient myths and stories have been created around this star system. Is it no coincidence that now Modern day channelers biggest focus is on the biggest and brightest celestial bodies. More than likely beings of higher consciousness will be on the stars system that we would not notice so much from our earthly advantage, not necessarily the brightest, our earth is like this we have an average sized star that basically is like a grain of sand in the galaxy. Many channelers tend to have a focus on the biggest and brightest, basically because that is what gets peoples attention.

So how did all of this get connected to Sekhem?The first connection that I have in my history is a letter from Phoenix Summerfield, the person responsible for spreading Sekhem world wide.

Here is note she wrote to me in 1988. 


Dear Patrick,

Thank- you for the envelope and information ….. Lyaso Royal channels Paydia who said Seichim is Sirius / Arcturius energy and very pure, Dwal Khul channeled by Teri Newlon

Is excited about the Shinning Everlasting Flower of Enlightenment as a “new” way to anchor the Christed Energy Ray.  All interesting info in any case and since reality is subjective…


 Since then Phoenix began to Label the Energy to have a stellar lineage. The nice thing about stellar lineages is they cannot be verified or traced : ), thus allowing anyone to be an expert.

By the way since I have the Pleiades on my ascendant I’m sure there is some connection there : )

So it does make sense that since I had my first Initiation in the Great Pyramid it would have some sort of Sirius or Orion connection, keep in mind that it all goes back to the Heart and Soul. That is really where are focus needs to be anything else just creates more separation.

All Love