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Patrick Zeigler
Group Administrator


SEKHEM Sirius and Pleiadian Connections, How people use labels to create seperation.

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  SEKHEM Sirius and Pleiadian Connections
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Sekhem Energy comes from Sirius?

posted by Patrick Zeigler, Group AdministratorFriday, December 23rd 2011 @ 5:33 PM (not yet rated)    post viewed 5655 times

This article will be part of my Sekhem myths page.
The internet is full of information some good and some, you have to scratch your head. What happens is anyone can be an expert nowadays. This has some positive attributes and negative like most things in life. I have recently come across an article that does it best to convince people that Seichim Energy comes from Pleiadians while Sekhem Energy comes from Sirius.  It is a bit like me saying I am Native American when I have 1/64. The truth is I have a lineage that is Native American, Celtic, Germanic and Italian the list goes on.

Our healing Energy Matrix is much like this, we are universal beings as old as the stars. To focus and put a label on one aspect is not only close minded, it limits our true potential.

Through the years I have seen the Sekhem drama unfold. It would make a great movie. I always thought Jim Carey would make a great star in such a movie, because you have to have a good sense of humor. We have seen the Karuna vs Tera Mai legal issues, the Trademarks and multiple false claims over the years. Since I am organizing the first Seichim Sekhem Seichem reunion I do feel it is time that many of the myths that cerate separation be dispelled. In the process many may not be happy campers. What I have to say may not go right with some. I have avoided bring much of the material I have out just because of my sensitivity not to offend anyone; there is point though where you do need to speak up;  not speaking up is what brought about the European Trademark of SEKHEM in Europe. 

Getting back to our story!

Where did this idea of  Sekhem Sirius, Orion  and Pleiadian connection come from. As most people know. The Giza Pyramids are lined up exactly the same as that of the Orion belt and that belt points to Sirius the brightest of our Stars.

Since Sirius is the brightest star it has the most myths connected to it as well.

Here is a great link


Another spectacular heavenly body is the Pleiades. Again many ancient myths and stories have been created around this star system. Is it no coincidence that now Modern day channelers biggest focus is on the biggest and brightest celestial bodies. More than likely beings of higher consciousness will be on the stars system that we would not notice so much from our earthly advantage, not necessarily the brightest, our earth is like this we have an average sized star that basically is like a grain of sand in the galaxy. Many channelers tend to have a focus on the biggest and brightest, basically because that is what gets peoples attention.

So how did all of this get connected to Sekhem?The first connection that I have in my history is a letter from Phoenix Summerfield, the person responsible for spreading Sekhem world wide.

Here is note she wrote to me in 1988. 


Dear Patrick,

Thank- you for the envelope and information ….. Lyaso Royal channels Paydia who said Seichim is Sirius / Arcturius energy and very pure, Dwal Khul channeled by Teri Newlon

Is excited about the Shinning Everlasting Flower of Enlightenment as a “new” way to anchor the Christed Energy Ray.  All interesting info in any case and since reality is subjective…


 Since then Phoenix began to Label the Energy to have a stellar lineage. The nice thing about stellar lineages is they cannot be verified or traced : ), thus allowing anyone to be an expert.

By the way since I have the Pleiades on my ascendant I’m sure there is some connection there : )

So it does make sense that since I had my first Initiation in the Great Pyramid it would have some sort of Sirius or Orion connection, keep in mind that it all goes back to the Heart and Soul. That is really where are focus needs to be anything else just creates more separation.

All Love



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