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Patrick Zeigler
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Is Sekhem the Highest Vibration?

December 2011 Posts


Sekhem Highest Vibration
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Sekhem Highest Vibration

Monday, December 26th 2011 @ 9:45 PM    post viewed 2124 times

There has been so much discussion on the frequencies of Sekhem, some being higher than others. Sekhem is like a rainbow and within it there are different colors or flavors. The unique quality of Sekhem is that each person connects and receives what is best for them. In our classes we see a wide variety of very unique experiences.  This is why so many different forms of Sekhem exist. People love to have a unique gift and expression and Sekhem allows that. Keep in mind the higher vibration one connects to does not mean it is more powerful or better for them.

Some people cannot even feel the finer vibrations. The actually need a lower vibration to help them gain awareness.

A good Example is in the rainbow if you are a very strong blue vibration, What do you need to raise to the
next higher vibration? 


You actually need the densest Vibration to raise your vibration to Violet!
This is why it is so important to have a full spectrum vibration and not focus on
solely the highest vibration. Experience all of who you are and you will expand who you are in a higher vibration!

All Love