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Sekhem Courses world wide.

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Sekhem is All-Love, Healing with the Heart. SEKHEM ENERGY is an Incredible vibration that connects us to the Universe. Just by allowing your self to feel you can tap into this amazing vibration. I have created this video to give other a peak of what goes on in our class. Not many people are aware of the the intensity and subtle vibrations that are so easily accessed in just a few minutes. Sekhem has been taught world wide in different forms and different spellings Seichim , Seichem.

Many of the other systems taught were of an earlier version of the energy; however something amazing has been happening recently, Sekhem has been reborn! The vibrational frequency has had a huge shift in just the last few months! and each class it has shifted into the most incredible experience. SEKHEM COURSE Participants are experiencing levels of enlightenment, never thought possible in such a short time. In some Sekhem classes within the first hour most of the class is laying on the floor in a sate of bliss. There is no longer any need for SEKHEM SYMBOLS or rituals, just connect to your heart.


Patrick Zeigler

Founder of All-Love Sekhem

Please join us in Egypt for our Sekhem Seichim Seichiem reunion in Egypt!

One Sekhem Seichim Seichem

Study Sekhem with the Founder of Sekhem Energy Patrick Zeigler

Sekhem courses are taught world wide. Learn Sekhem Healing, Sekhem Symbols from the source. Sekhem is Healing with the Heart All-Love.

There are many Sekhem courses being offered world wide, Study with the founder Patrick Zeigler, learn to teach Sekhem from the Founder. Sekhem is a full vibrational energy that encompasses all of who you are. It is more than just a high vibrational energy. Sekhem works without symbols or extensive training.

Once you experience the original Sekhem energy from a trained teacher you will feel for yourself the power and love of Sekhem. Sekhem is unlike any other system you have ever experienced. Over 60% of all reiki systems have their origins in Seichim / Sekhem.

This is not the same as the older versions of Sekhem and Seichim taught many years ago. In the last year the Sekhem Energy has gone through a huge transformation, as well as the huge planetary shift theat is taking place. If you have not taken a Sekhem class in the last few year it is highly recommened that you experience this energy first hand from a qualified Sekhem teacher.

In 12 12 2012 we will have a Sekhem Seichim Seichem reunion in Egypt!

Come be apart of a once in a lifetime experience.




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